Monday, January 21, 2008

Nova: Never more than 2 ads in a row ... unless it's online ...

I like Nova - despite their playlist not really being my thing ... I've always liked the way they've gone about things.

Digitally they have a potentially good offering - it's interesting and generally has a bit of thought about it ... much better than Austereo in terms of cut through and impact online in my opinion.

Saying that, I was horrified to see their homepage today. It had way too many clearly paid messages that made the page seem extremely cluttered. iSelect, Network 10 and Nova's Facebook App were all screaming for attention.
It's interesting a media group that overtly go to market saying they are all about a non cluttered environment that offers the advertiser cut through and integration have allowed this to happen ... btw the Sydney Nova969 site is no better -


Wade Kingsley said...

Hi Ben!

Really enjoy your comments normally but do need to correct you on this post...

The only paid advertising spot on the Nova homepage graphic you're showing is for iSelect.

Everything else there is promoting a programming or promotional feature of the radio station. So - not an ad and certainly not clutter.

The facebook spot is to let our listeners know they can download our new facebook application.

We pride ourselves on the low clutter approach - something we take very seriously as it is our brand cornerstone - on-air and online.

You'll notice that while some comparative sites run sometimes 3, 4 or even 5 standard leaderboards, rectangles, pop-ups, OTP executions - the Nova homepage is comparatively uncluttered. That also means that we offer our advertising clients higher CTR's and better share of voice because they are not competing.

We often integrate our nova artwork into the client artwork to make more attention grabbing, non cookie clutter creative.

Like all sites - we have a lot of things to promote (both client messages and station messages) and keeping a low clutter design element is key to that. We have far less features on our homepage than most media based sites.

So we're quite proud of our environment online and thought we'd better correct the record.

Kind Regards,
Wade Kingsley
Multimedia Development Manager
DMG Radio Australia

Ben Shepherd said...

Cheers for clearing it up Wade.

Ben :)