Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good sales reps are the ones who know their product - who would have thought!

AdAge have a good article today - - that covers off what media agencies think makes a good sales rep.

This is a US study/survey, but generally the hallmarks of a good sales rep are universal. What is vitally important is

- knowledge of product
- personality
- communication skills
- understanding of marketing and marketers needs

Interestingly in the US it was found print reps are outperforming their digital and TV counterparts. Maybe this is due to print being the most vulnerable of all mediums right now and the need for them to go over and above to maintain share.

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matthuntdotcom said...

Amazing to come back to Australia from 4 years in the UK and see how much the AU industry has exploded. It's seems there are more account management roles than candidates right now. It's positive that industry revenues are fueling this growth from young talent, it's challenging for every sales director though to find, train and keep enough of the good ones. Great time to be in online.