Thursday, July 17, 2008

Get excited: iphone app

Whoa! It's an exciting time right now with some white hot iphone apps becoming available.

This is my fave so far - - despite some reports of initial bugs.

Downside - not available in AU right now. I'm sure this will change.

What I would love to see is one of the local carriers getting behind an app like this, because this app (as well as the pandora iphone app) and the facebook app are already showing us the great potential the iphone has to truly blur the lines of media and devices. A portable device makes all the more powerful - this isn't just another iteration of the website, it brings the brand into a new dimension and it provides more value to the user.

According to Nielsen Netview, is currently at 191k users in AU, with YOY growth of 138%. I will chase site side data from the guys.

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andrew pascoe said...

Shep, I was playing with this one yesterday over here. It's very handy & pretty slick.

While of course it relies on decent 3G coverage for use outside of a WAN coverage area, the biggest downside is people'll still need to bother putting albums on the iphone as mp3s in those places (like London & NY) that are so subway/underground dependent.