Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nova hit Facebook

DMGs Nova network have developed a great new app for Facebook -

It allows you to listen to your local station from within Facebook, dedicate music to friends, download podcasts, buy ringtones, buy music from iTunes etc. What it does nicely is bring the Nova content to the masses to increase awareness, usage and advocacy - something many content providers and advertisers struggle with.

So far it only has 288 users but I am sure it will grow strongly - as facebook allows for very strong viral distro - not to mention a national radio network pushing it.

Personally I think the coolest thing is it allows people to vote on what songs they like, which gives Nova realtime information on what is hot/not by daypart they can apply to their programming.
And one would assume it will increase awareness of podcasts, competitions and the itunes deal they have.
This is a facebook app that actually offers something to consumers they can't get anywhere else ... most apps thus far have been pretty half baked versions of their normal functionality (just like many myspace custom profiles so far) sold in without proper thought. This year we should see some robust Facebook apps really show (locally that is) the power the site can provide.

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