Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Corey Delaney = Internet Sensation

This punk kid is everywhere at the moment, rocking his Bang Gang-esque hipster eyewear and new era fluro hat ... and despite the fact most would definitely throw a cheeky punch his way if the opportunity arose, Corey Delaney has captured the imagination of the nation during a very slow news period.

Check the stats - this is an impressive 15 minutes. Corey's achievements today include ...

- Most read story on
- most read story on
- most read story on
- most popular video on the Fairfax Digital network
- most read story on The Australian
- most read story on Herald
- most watched video on ninemsn
- second most read story on ninemsn
- most read news story on Yahoo!7

He is in the top 5 most read for all the large news sites and is all over the TV and traditional media.

Forget giving Corey a job hosting underage nightclub events, get him as a celebrity blogger on one of the major portals.

1 comment:

andrew pascoe said...

Corey's shenanigans are the top story around the web for the same reason ACA & Today Tonight consisently make the Top 10 weekly TV programmes: a tabloid culture that enmasse is getting stupider by the day...

//end cynical pascoe time.