Thursday, January 10, 2008

Slow news day - here's a top 10

Ever wondered what music gets played in the MI office (ie my iTunes, Mauds's would be purely Travelling Wilbury's tracks).

Well wonder no more, here's the top 10 played for Jan so far.

1. Gardens End - Sarah Blasko
2. Rhythm & soul - Spoon
3. The Scale - Interpol
4. Heinrich Manouever - Interpol
5. Stronger - Kanye west
6. Pogo - Digitalism
7. Sick Sick Sick - QOTSA
8. Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
9. Ending of an Era - Midnight Juggernauts
10. Teh Game - Common feat. DJ Premier

In digital related subject matter - I stumbled across this today whilst reading Lost in E Minor -

It's a sport opinion website. Nice interface and concept but haven't the main guys already embraced user debate/opinion/comment already?

Speaking of sports website, wonder what ever happened to

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