Thursday, January 10, 2008

Google: $16b revenues projected in 08 and they haven't even started

Great article in the New Yorker about Google and their increased lobbying to US political heavy hitters -

Most interesting

- Google is on track for $16b of revenues in 08
- Google performs 400 billion searches a year

The most intruiging thing about Google is, when you really think about it they haven't even really began to scratch the surface on what is possible for them. Sure, they own search and control the largest video sharing site, but what is really exciting is what they can do when they merge the amazing functionality of maps, earth, search, content network, video, UGC, checkout etc and create a beast that takes what we know as 'search' to new and amazing places.

Recently maps seem locally to have been enhanced ten fold in terms of functionality (ie finding businesses, directions etc) that make Sensis's technology look absolutely archaic. Personally, I think Google is the number one threat to Sensis's cash cow directories business and has a very good chance of swallowing it up within a few years.

Everyone always watches Google - but watch out especially in 08.

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