Friday, January 11, 2008

Interesting comments from outgoing Euro RSCG David Tansey

"Tansey said Australian agencies were well placed to meet the challenge due to the “high degree of integration” amongst agencies here, compared to big creative centres such as London and New York where agencies are more free to specialise in particular areas because of their scale. “The scale issue here has forced us to be more a jack of all trades,” he said."

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Question is - is this actually true in most instances? I think many agencies are aware of online ... but would disagree in many cases (from my days publisher side) that there's a high degree of integration in most creative and media agencies.

Undeniably this needs to change ... "I read a report that said in two years time ad spend online in the UK will strip that of TV which suggests a huge shift in skills base with the type of people you are hiring, and the revenue structure of agencies" says Tansey.

It's great to see some really interesting local perspectives on this very issue so early in the year, especially from more, for want of a better term, 'traditional' types.

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