Monday, January 14, 2008

IAB Australia Awards - May 1 - entries now open

Haven't heard much about this as yet (the IAB PR department generally don't seem to tell the press much, either that or things are slow at IAB HQ) but agencies and marketers would be interested to know IAB submissions opened today.

Categories are

- Auto
- Financial Services
- Consumer Goods
- Travel, Entertainment & Leisure (why are these mashed into one category when generally all 3 categories have different goals)
- Fusion
- Search

There is also a Peoples Choice that will be voted for on the night (token popularity contest award)

Hopefully everyone puts forward their best campaigns and we can see a solid contest. And lets also hope that the submissions are audited and submissions aren't just unsubstantiated claims or clumsy data (ie we eclipsed the 'industry average' CTR by 150% - what does that mean.)

It will also be interesting to see the metrics entrants use - hopefully it moves beyond click through and landing page visits. Personally I want to see awards win that benefit the bottom line of the client (which is what is the most important).

Submissions close March 3. See you May 1 at Star City.

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