Monday, January 21, 2008

Soulja Boy - viral visionary

I'm sure most people with Channel V have seen the new Soulja Boy video - Crank That.

It's straight southern rap - half time beats, lots of hoots and diet crunk beats ... not my thing personally but it's definitely all over the screens.

Watch the video here --> (blogger won't let me embed for some reason)

Now Soulja Boy is a great example of an artist who knows how to use new media channels - he is all over youtube, myspace, mobile downloads, messenger etc and in the process has generated some astonishing statistics.

We're talking:

- Over 30m myspace profile views.
- Over 29m streams of Crank That on youtube alone
- Over 52k subscribers to his youtube
- Over 3m single downloads of Crank That (never before done)
- Over 3m ringtone downloads

If you're looking for advice on effective distribution of content using digital channels, maybe speak to this 17 year old.

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