Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Norm Johnston - Mindshare Interaction EMEA CEO - predictions for 08

Great, concise piece from Norm Johnston here --

Definitely worth a read (around 3-400 words onky), but for the people who are 'time poor' - here's a summary.

Opportunities in 08

- demise of the 10k spot (ie traditional display)
- more meaningful engagament online - more integration and more campaigns that blur the lines between advertising and service.
- Increased emphasis on video. NOT PRE ROLLS - moreso combining the 'emotive possibilities of video with the interactivity of online'.
- The rise of mobile. High penetration as well as better handsets and interfaces, combined with more carrier co-operation (not so much in Oz as yet) and Google's move into the medium are all positives.

Threats in 08
- Possible economic downturn resulting in reduced advertising budgets resulting in clients returning back to 'tried and tested' traditional media.

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