Wednesday, January 23, 2008


News is at it again with lightening fast SEM response to the death of Heath Ledger.

Type Heath Ledger into Google and News is using paid search to drive traffic to their site. The copy alleges it was an overdose ... it even has an exclamation mark (!)

The media hysteria was reported in depth on todays Crikey - and one interesting thing is has been seen as the definitive authority on the death ... they broke the story and are breaking most developments.

Most of the coverage on the local sites is based around what is being reported overseas, or footage/content from recent articles.

You have to ask - is this a desperate grab for page impressions and revenue or legitimate news?

The Age had a major whoops with their headline to the left (pic taken from Crikey) ... and if you look further down they are also running with video footage of Amy Winehouse smoking crack!
Is 08 the year we see the portals go trashy(er)?

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