Wednesday, April 23, 2008

9 and 10 go 'Catch Up TV'

Episodes of Canal Road and Sea Patrol are available via -

And they're free - utilising the new Hiro technology

It's not ... BUT it is a pretty good start.

Ten are also doing it via

They have episodes of Back To You, Biggest Loser, Meet The Press, Bondi Rescue, Good News Week and Supernatural that you can watch using their inline player on the page.

Yahoo!7 - they don't have seem to have anything available to view in full that I could find on their TV or Video sections. is still the clear leader in this on demand TV type model - - with loads of downloads. They have been doing this successfully for years.

Who isn't playing in this space who should be - MCN. They have great, unique content that is specialised that they could look to make on-demand ... Comedy Channel seem to be dabbling with it ( but the experience is pretty shabby if we're honest about it.

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