Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In Game Advertising from the game developers perspective

I'm thinking a lot about In Game Advertising and the possibilities it offers right now ... probably due to the fact I have meetings with the US guys from Massive tomorrow (Wednesday) which I am excited about, and we're about to launch our first in game campaign within the next few weeks with more planned between then and the end of Q2 ... but as an area generally it provides something exciting to digest and evaluate.

It has always interested me how users and also developers view dynamic in game advertising within their carefully crafted games ... and how they will react to the often 'subtle as a sledgehammer' attitude of the traditional media world.

Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software has recently come out and given some rationale as to why his company has started utilising in game advertising across some of its titles. I really like his openness to not only listen to the opinion of his audience but also provide some logic and rationale as to what has motivated his decision to monetise the games titles/assets they have.

He finds three core areas in game can help

- improved authenticity
- increased budgets
- out of game promotions that help attract more gamers

I think in some ways Pitchford is too much of an idealist and really ONLY wants advertising if it's relevant and value adding (which is a nice dream but a difficult premise to maintain in a commercially motivated industry) but he must be commended for actively asking for feedback


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