Thursday, April 3, 2008

Google CIO departs Search Giant to join EMI Music

I think this indicates that EMI are serious about understanding the new digital world. They have hired poster boy Google CIO Douglas Merrill as their new President of Digital Business.

This is a coup for EMI as they are getting one of the most, if not the most, respected brains in digital today to help them map out a plan to remain viable as the mechanics behind the music (and, lets face it, the entertainment industry) change dramatically.

Apparently Merrill is a music nut and a technology nut, so the two combined made sense for him.

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Merrill reportedly loved his role at Google as it involved 'technology driving the business.' At EMI this hasn't been the case and it'll be interesting to see how he goes from a company built on robust technology to a company and an industry that has spent years seemingly rallying against that exact thing.

Will we see data and analytics start to drive the music industry? Will make a pleasant change from the current crop who can't seem to get their heads around the Internet let alone digital channels.

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