Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nielsen and Morgan face off regarding online measurement

Roy Morgan has launched an attack on Nielsen, specifically citing the latest 2007 Internet and Technology Report has inaccurate.

William Burlace from Roy Morgan told Ad News: ""The Internet is being used more often and by more people. However, to say the Internet is the number one media for Australians . . . is just wrong."

Basically the Morgan and Nielsen figures seem to tell different stories - it's difficult to take any side. Personally it's interesting Morgan is defending it's online measurement when generally it's hit and miss anin terms of depth and relevancy of measurement.

Tony Marlow from Neilsen had this to say to AdNews: "The key objective of the Internet & Technology Report is to provide a reliable comparison of Australians’ attitudes and behaviours surrounding various media and this report is highly effective in this regard. It is in this vein that it is crucial for content publishers across all media as well as their advertisers to understand that the internet is playing an increasingly large role in the lives of the vast majority of Australians and the media time metrics we provide use a consistent comparison across the media measured and we stand by that information,"

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