Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Online Video as DR?

In todays Mediapost Video Insider there's an article by Direct Response, Meet Online Video Advertising called "Direct Response, Meet Online Video Advertising "

From the article - "Online video is still a nascent medium for most advertisers and agencies. Today most spots consumers view are a branded effort, a repurposed TV commercial, and bought on a CPM basis. Video is a powerful branding tool, but imagine taking that branded message and adding a strong call to action along with a CPC or CPA payout structure; well, this is the new frontier for online video. "

Now with overlays, click to watch and enhanced ad serving products for video from the likes of Eyeblaster - driving response through video is probably a reality.

Two things may get in the way

- will clients devise creative especially for online video, creative which takes into account the possibilities online video offers and also compels action?
- will publishers finally realise that video perhaps isn't the premium goldmine they've thought it is for the past 5 years and look at more nimble pricing models?

Overlays to some extent remove the need for online specific video communications - but I don't think it really solves the problem nor uses the media to its best use.

So far, online video has been promoted as a branding mechanism by most involved in the mechanisms of the domestic digital industry. Minimal call to action, 'hey, give us your TVC and $30k and we'll extend the reach of your TV campaign' ... is this the right direction? Probably not?

There's no question that online video is taking off in terms of usage. Now what needs to be done is find effective ways to use it for advertising. There was a comment made at Ad:Tech that the 'pre-roll' format perhaps isn't the problem ... it's the way it is used by 95% of advertisers that means it often is ignored by consumers. Maybe if we see more 5/10/15 second edits with relevance to the channel they are running in digital video could start to boom.

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