Thursday, April 24, 2008

2009 and beyond: What are the 5 key areas of interest? The big players talk ...

I guess if you read this blog you are interested in peoples opinions. I know I am, and as a result I have asked 6 key figures in Digital in Australia to talk about the 5 key areas of interest for them moving forward and the potential repercussions.

From the 6 people I have picked I have tried to pluck thoughts from a wide variety of areas - not just agency land. The only hole so far is having the opinion of someone from the 'offline' world - but I am working on this. If anyone can assist in this area please email me

Who are they?

Tony Faure - CEO, ninemsn
Monique Talbot - CEO, Tempest Media
David Whittle, MD, Mark
Guy Gibbs - Head of Agency Relations, Google
Angus Beattie - 3 Mobile
Liam Walsh - GM, DrivePM

We will be covering both macro and micro issues ... and the above group will give readers a broad opinion from all kinds of angles - publishers, sales house, telco, advertising technology, search, DR and creative.

It kicks off Monday - first up is David Whittle from Mark.

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