Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Game changer? Facebook launches Instant Messenger

New product alert - Facebook have launched an in browser IM client and from a quick play it's pretty good.

Facebook chat works within the web browser and gives you access to all your friends on Facebook.

The interface is relatively clean and unobtrusive ... it doesn't require any software install and you begin using it with a pre-existing base of friends. Two huge benefits.
Myspace should have done this 2 years ago - I guess it's not surprising they missed this one. Their idea was a seperate app - and who needs ANOTHER IM app?
It sits at the bottom of your Facebook window ... and allows one-click conversations. You can also turn the feature off - which is handy.
If I look at my ACTIVE msn contacts - 80%+ are on Facebook. This would mean it would technially be easy for me to migrate over.
Since it launched a few hours ago I have had loads of friends already message me - so people are keen to trial ... which is the biggest obstacle to messenger takeup.
Definitely one to watch. Will this impact local messenger apps? Probably not - in the short term ... but it definitely has the potential as it evolves and awareness increases.

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nemesis said...

It's a fun new app but still a bit clunky and missing quite a few features but still a great first attempt.

Like you said, no install is a big thing. Myspace's attempt was very average and I would be very interested to see what their uptake and usage rates were. I personally installed/uninstalled very quickly.

Be interesting to see what this does to their page impressions with people now using this rather than writing on other people's walls.