Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Brother 08 online - where are the ads?

Is it just me or are there no direct advertisers on the BB08 website?


All I am getting are Google Syndicated ads for Celebrity Soulamates, iPhone giveaways and 'management tools' ... I even got one for a place called BBW.com - a place to find Big Beautiful Women. Link is here if you're interested --> http://www.bbwcupid.com/ --> the downside of content matching.

Are advertisers finally tiring of BB? Or did everyone just miss the deadline to be live at website launch? There are ads being served to other areas of the Ten site (AFL, Before The Game) so it doesn't look like a technology issue.

Edit: 4:58pm - found an ad for 3 Mobile on 1 page ... doesn't seem to be any others visible - http://www.bigbrother.com.au/1918.htm


LAEM said...

I run a sports website and am amazed to see our Google content network display ads (avg cpc: 13 cents) being displayed on ten.com.au's homepage.

Add to this the fact that they didn't have a tv schedule for the IPL cricket series until 10 days after it was live on the site says to me that they don't get online...

tom said...

I think it could be to do with Channel ten's lack of experience in adops

they tend to run a bit behind from my experience