Monday, April 28, 2008

09 and beyond #1: David Whittle, MD Mark

So what are the big issues we face moving forward in digital ... and all media? Well, we've asked six respected industry people to give us their opinion.

First up, David Whittle from Mark.

1. Recession
Economic markets demand increased and improved marketing accountability. Accountable advertising service providers prosper

2. People
The digital skills shortage plateaus due to increased supply. Staff churn rates decrease, recruiters move inhouse

3. Community
Value of ambassador and community marketing programs grow. Sites like and proliferate and prosper

4. Affiliate marketing
Pay for performance marketing takes off in Australia 10 years too late. Publishers, creative and media agencies struggle with the model and battle over the budgets

5. Mobile
iPhone takes the mobile web mainstream, telcos introduce reasonable capped data plans. Publishers, creative and media agencies struggle to make their mobile model work.

Next week we have Monique Talbot from Tempest Media.

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1 comment:

LAEM said...

Some interesting themes in there.

I definitely agree on the impact the iPhone will have - it'll mean that web to mobile won't be a channel shifting jump. We might just see the first 'eBay' for mobiles on the back of the iPhone. To date, no-one has really nailed making money from mobile browsing (other than the telcos!).