Friday, July 4, 2008 and - a TV studio in your pocket

Minimal murmurings locally about these two services - but boy are they exciting

Both and allow you to stream cell phone video live to the Internet.

Bloggers such as Robert Scoble have integrated the service into his filmed content - conducting ad hoc interviews with VCs and tech big names, as well as streaming footage live from tours of places such as the early HP offices.

For advertisers, it means they have an option for instant web casting. Someone like Ford could conduct live video chats with engineers, Motorola could demo their brand new phone via live stream, a film company could livecast a tour with a big name talent.

Content providers could also use Kyte - to live stream breaking news on scene, events etc ... the platform is so nimble it allows publishers to create streaming content without as much resource and planning.

Sure, the quality isn't HD - but it's good enough to offer something compelling.

It's a really interesting space. Both Qik and Kyte are working on iphone too. The numbers are low now but the technology is worth following

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jackie said...

Qik has an iPhone client, but Kyte does not. :-)