Monday, July 14, 2008

Misunderstanding the market

Why do a trade marketing campaign - prompting advertisers to 'Start Something Wonderful' on trade sites like AdNews - like Yahoo7 is currently doing - but then link through to a page that is off brand and offers no value or information into any of the areas you are promoting in the ads?

Yahoo7 - pushing potential prospects through to a page dedicated to digital ad specs is a massive waste of dollars and sends a signal to the market that potentially you are at a loss at how to use the channel. I cannot think of a worse possible landing page than this one - other than a page not found error.
Given the depth of resources Yahoo does have at its disposal globally - which give insight into net users and their motivations - why didn't they build an adequate trade marketing page which at least gives the user an idea of what is possible? Instead we get some irrelevant adops info useless to pretty much every marketer in the country.

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