Sunday, July 13, 2008

Great AU online media brands

I was reading this great post from John Battelle on his blog -

"Consumer Brands Love Media Brands, and Media Brands are Changing Regardless of all the flux in how brand marketing might work online, here's one thing of which I am certain: Consumer brands love media brands. Why? Because the best media brands represent a passionate community who are deeply engaged around a subject of shared interest"

What are Australia's great online media brands. The ones that demonstrate those qualities Battelle exhibits above?

I am sure there are plenty. What I am not sure of is whether they position themselves to the ad market as great brands, or whether they present themselves as a mass of eyeballs and reach because that's what they think the digital ad space wants.

Battelle used the phrase "tonnage instead of brand engagement" and I think that is incredibly apt.

Two successful digital players that have emerged in the past year have defied this trend are KidSpot and Business Spectator. They are selling a mindset, an audience profile, not scale. And it's working - they generate strong yield and maintain editorial integrity.

Probably something for everyone to think about as we enter a new financial year and the players gear up to try and maintain the growth levels the investors are starting to expect.

I have always been vocal in saying that online publishers need to take a look at pricing and avoid the temptation to look at automation or performance. The hard work that needs to be done is getting insights and analysis into their audience which allows them to maintain differentiation.

As a media guy I don't want to to know anymore just how many users you have - I want to know more about them and how I can give them value. I am constantly amazed at the blank stares I get when I ask this question to salespeople.

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