Thursday, July 24, 2008

Freudenstein on the spin trail

Richard Freudenstein, chief executive officer at News Digital Media, said: “Our audience spends twice as long online as the average Australian - and they spend more time engaged with the internet than with any other medium.


"Respondents to the survey carried out by Research Now shows they spent 28 hours online each week,"

According to Nielsen Netview's May 2008 figures, NDM network users spend on average 35 minutes on their sites a month.

According to the same source News rates last when comparing ninemsn, Yahoo and Fairfax in terms of time spent per month on their respective networks.

So what are they doing with the other 27 and a half hours they spend online?

From AdNews: "In a thinly veiled reference to portal's such as ninemsn and Yahoo!7, Freudenstein said sites with large audiences typically have "low engagement", but that NDM's 10 million monthly unique browsers were "highly engaged" with its "deep, quality content"."

"Asked if he was aware whether audiences of competing publishers such as Fairfax Digital also over-indexed on time spent online, Freudenstein said he was unsure."

Had to have a chuckle ...

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