Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Yahoo paid search results

I am not sure when this dropped, but go to and type in 'Cathay Pacific'

In the results you will find what they are calling 'Partner Results'

What is in Partner Results? Well - 4 seperate textlinks, a blurb and a click to play video.

Problem is - the video is a TVC. If I am searching for Cathay Pacific I don't want to view a TVC. The four salesy textlinks seem to add a lot of clutter to the page in my opinion as does the search assist drop down. These can and will be ironed out I'm sure in time

Keen to hear others thoughts, but I think this could be improved. It feels to me like Yahoo is catering for advertisers here and not trying to improve the service for its users. This, in its current form, is not an enhancement borne out of wanting to make search better for users, it is about revenue extraction.

I think this could evolve into something good (ie, with video content tailored and relevant to the search term - ie, Ford Falcon review giving you a review of a Ford Falcon - giving the user a better value proposition that pure text) eventually but right now I think it needs work. Search works due to its incredible simplicity and relevance.
Side note: I also noticed Yahoo is running skyscrapers alongside its Video search results. Are they relevant to the search ... not from my experience (appears to be performance inventory).
Careful guys ...

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Rene LeMerle said...

good find Ben. Tend to agree - it looks like advertising for the sake of advertiser rather than the user.

From an advertiser's POV - it's definitely some prime real estate.

It will be interesting to see whether this is reserved for Brand/Product (trademarked) searches only...

begs the question of relevance if not...