Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cuil - what's the big deal?

Some media are getting excited about Cuil - even mX (a respected tech journal if ever there was one) ran it on the front page today.

It's been started by some ex GOOGers ... I gave it a spin today trying to see how our clients appeared and the interface sort of irked me.

When I went to the cuil page I instantly thought of searchme - but I am not sure why. Personally I think searchme has a better spin than what has been shown so far on Cuil. Visual search looks great (it's definitely better than IceRocket circa 2004) but I'm not sure how it really improves on Google.

To Cuil's defence ... they don't really seem to be indexing AU pages and that would be having some impact on its relevance to me. The press frenzy at least shows there's topical interest around the search business in the mainstream media.

Cuil - http://www.cuil.com/
Searchme - http://www.searchme.com/

John Packowski on Cuil - http://digitaldaily.allthingsd.com/20080728/totall-uncuil/


Anonymous said...


Just curious if you've had a look @ viewzi and what your thoughts are about it?

giovanni gallucci, viewzi.com evangelist


Zac Zavos said...

I'm totally with you Ben. The only angles seem to be 1. ex-Googlers, and 2. 'bigger' index than Google.

I tried it and found the results very disappointing, though as you say they don't seem to have done much indexing out of the US. Which makes me question the size of their index, and the value of a search engine that's US-centric.

Someone's gotta really tackle search differently in order to get me excited about a new search engine.