Wednesday, July 23, 2008

iPhone finally in my hands - early impressions

Got my iPhone today and have been test driving it ever since. I like it - I always was going to like it ... and I like the experience.

As a phone it's good. I had a 1 hour phone call from London and the sound was good - crisp, clear.

Camera is okay - good enough for a phone. I took a few pics of the dogs - cute. Photo album is good as well.

Applications - installed a few. Facebook - solid. Myspace - not bad. NY Times - sloooow. Remote - very cool. Google - awkward ... not as good as I thought. I actually prefer G Talk on the Blackberry. More to come tomorrow. Google Maps - awesome ... far superior to Blackberry Google Maps.

Safari - the browser is nice. Most sites look okay - those designed for mobile look amazing. Really wanted to check out the ninemsn iphone site but it defaulted to the normal one. The age looked great on mobile, as did twitter and blogger.

WiFi - very good. Works fantastic at home ... work also has Wi Fi so enabled it there as well. Handy feature - will save data.

Email. I use Lotus Notes at work and we don't have iPhone support as yet ... so I am using a gmail account with auto forward. It's not push and it doesn't sync with my calender/diary but it is good enough. Soon enough we will have iPhone support for Domino/Blackberry exchange. The keyboard isn't as easy to use as the Blackberry but good enough for quick 5-6 word responses.

iPod - easy sync.

Battery - a little sluggish but not bad considering I have caned it this evening.

Bragging rights - huge. Making the most of being a smug wanker whilst I can.

How will it alter media consumption? I am not sure but will get around to thinking about it after I've given it a good flogging.

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Zac Zavos said...

My thoughts: I can't believe how simple the device is - no config options at all really (my old Nokia had advanced settings for pretty much everything).

I'm still surprised that I have to press about 3 buttons to get to the phone part of it.

I don't understand why Loopt ( isn't available for people in Australia. What other location services are there in Oz?