Monday, August 18, 2008

WAToday - more interesting numbers ...

I took a look at the numbers for WAToday for last week (11/8-17/8) to see how the new FD site was performing.

Interestingly, a duplication check uncovers some curious figures.

How come 60% of WAToday's readers also visited last week? And how come 54% visited The AND ... how come 35% visited Brisbane Times?

*** All data sourced from Nielsen Market Intelligence, Market: Australia - News & Weather - Domestic > By Brand, Period: Weekly, 11/08/08 - 17/08/08

And how come less than 10% visited And just over 12% visited Perth Now? These are WA based publications with local news - why would Eastern Seaboard mastheads be more appealing?

And why would these WA eyeballs be visiting FD's other mastheads in such large volumes if WAToday was catering for this "highly engaged audience" and delivering them a "new perspective on news." (Jack Matthew's words, not mine)

I think there's a need for Fairfax to come out with numbers showing WA Today's WA audience - and also explain to market why there are such large audience duplication across their audience.

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