Monday, August 11, 2008

The digital Perth landgrab

Jack Matthews is out and about trumpeting WAToday's user numbers. The Oz is running a piece on it here -->,25197,24147236-26077,00.html

These numbers need a closer look I think.

1. They don't actually state how many of the users of WAToday are from WA
2. In terms of average daily UB's - WAToday is well behind the competition - PerthNow and TheWest.

Daily UB stats (August, source Nielsen Market Intelligence

PerthNow - 34,858
TheWest - 27,298
WAToday - 17,999

If we look at time spent per session

TheWest - 6m, 56s
WAToday - 4m, 4s
Perth Now - 3m, 52s

Matthews: "These results demonstrate that Western Australians were indeed ready for a new perspective on news and advertisers are reaping the benefits of our strong and highly engaged audience"

Problem is, thewest is still beating WAToday hands down for engagement. More repeat users, more time spent. And probably more WA eyeballs too ...

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