Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jupiter: Pre-roll-phobia a thing of the past

Following on from yesterdays blog post about pre-roll acceptance - - Jupiter have just released some research which show that the pre-roll is perhaps more effective than many thought and that consumer resistance to the format isn't as intense as first thought.

"Half the people that leave because of the ad would have left because of the content anyway. It's like flicking through channels on TV." He calculates that on sites that do it well, only a 5% loss is directly attributable to advertising.

"It makes sense that in-stream ads are more popular, because everyone has broadband now and we expect to see richer content on the web," said Jeroen Matser, strategy director at Tribal DDB, London. "It's also a return to allowing people to sit back again. People can relax and be entertained, which might be refreshing in this cluttered, call-to-action environment."

Key quote from Nate Elliot of Jupiter - "Online video ads (if done poorly) can be horrendous for viewers."

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