Saturday, August 16, 2008

Telstra's mobile Olympics package a huge success ...

Justin Milne is out and claiming that the Bigpond streaming of the Olympics is a hit.

From the Oz -,25197,24176832-7582,00.html

The Olympics -- for which Telstra is the official mobile carrier -- would be a watershed moment in the development of the mobile as a content medium, BigPond group general manager Justin Milne predicted yesterday.

Paid Olympics packages on Telstra include live streams of Seven and SBS TV content and cost $9.95 for the Games, or $3.95 for a single day, while a one-off video is 50c to view.

"We don't give out numbers but we're 50 per cent over the targets that we set for ourselves," Mr Milne said.

"We've had huge take-up," he said. "It has the potential to be a bit of a watershed because the Olympics is so mainstream. "

Now, it's very easy to say how awesome and successful and over projections something is if you don't actually give out the numbers.

Problem is I, for one, think that maybe the mobile coverage isn't the big success they are claiming it is.

For one, Seven and Yahoo!7 have been very active in terms of disclosing ratings, traffic for their Olympic coverage. As have other online publishers such as ninemsn and Fairfax.

I wonder why Milne is so reluctant. If the numbers were so good and it was a watershed moment, surely he'd want to let us know how many people have signed up, full streams etc?

Maybe I am a cynic, but I'm dubious on these big claims. Show us the numbers.

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