Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Are Destra telling the truth re redundancies?

Destra CEO Perry Smith has told Ad News that Destra has not made any employees redundant in the process of restructuring its operations.

"I don't know where that rumour is coming from, there have been no redundancies at Destra Media," he told AdNews

However ... I was contacted by a former Destra staffer who says this is not the case and Destra has laid off employees.

From my source:

"In early April, nine employees of destra were made redundant -specifically, six from the development team, two from the destra mediateam and one from the destra music team.

"Basically, we were told there was a restructure and, as a result of'duplicate roles', our jobs had become redundant. We knew this to be a load, as we were the only people working on the sites (in a content capacity).

"Since then, most of the team has either taken a volunteer redundancy or left the place (across the whole division)."

Interesting ... Destra did tell AdNews they were 'streamlining operations' but as mentioned above, stated NO redundancies had been made.

Care to clarify Perry?

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