Monday, August 4, 2008

Two interesting articles in The Oz today

Suspicion surrounds net advertising business,25197,24121648-7582,00.html

- "THE internet advertising industry is heading for a third year in which advertising networks will be among the fastest growing properties, but their new-found revenue clout does not appear to have dispelled the air of vague suspicion that continues to surround the sector."

*** Interestingly they haven't spoken to any advertisers - agencies/clients. Y'know - the people who actually SPEND the money. Good read regardless and an issue that is one of the toughest facing the industry.

Online ad firm trumpets its success,25197,24121652-7582,00.html

*** Hype piece on Adconion. Bit of chest thumping from Alex Littlejohn (tame compared to the chest shallacking Rohan Lund gave to AdNews earlier in the month mind you) and a weird quote from Lara Sinclair that seemed out of context ("That number, according to the comScore rankings, would have made Adconion the second biggest publisher in terms of Australian eyeballs, behind Ninemsn/MSN on 8.3 million." ... um, Adconion isn't a publisher hence so that figure is irrelevant).

Interesting these two articles ran on the same day. Good interesting. That said, although the performance 'industry' is topical at the moment (ie, most publishers are scared stiff that they are about to be commoditised into eyeball bulk sellers) it would be BETTER for the ad rags to talk about quality, respected digital publisher brands that are appearing online (cnet, lastfm, kidspot, carsales, business spectator, plugger, lost at e minor etc). I know as an advertiser I'm not spending my days looking for and researching the next mass remnant play ...

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