Tuesday, August 5, 2008

6+ months of the blog - some reflection, some data

So it's been over 6 months I've been writing this and the response has been fantastic I think.

Originally I started this as a resource for the company I work for - to try and provide some structure to articles, opinion etc for the team. This became difficult when a publisher rang my national director having a whinge about me having an opinion and demanded it be taken down. My employer graciously gave me 2 options - take it down or make it a personal blog and keep on doing what I was doing.

The latter option appealed more ;)

I love writing this as it gives me a chance to sit down and think about issues I think are important. It's easy when you're flat out to sometimes become focused on task not thought ... and I felt I needed to consciously devote time to make sure I still gave time to the areas of digital I love discussing, debating and sharing.

I also felt there was a lack of digital blogs that covered media and the issues facing it in a way that offered value. I still think this is the case and would love to see more opinion around the digital media landscape and less straight linking or 'what do you think' murmurs.

Looking at my Google Analytics logs shows some encouraging traffic signs. Everything is increasing in terms of key metrics. In February I had 281 unique browsers, in July that figure was 833. Page Views during that time have almost tripled, Sessions have almost quadrupled. Either this means I am doing something right, or getting it so wrong people are sending it around. It could be a mix of both - who knows!
Anyway - big thanks to everyone who reads this, contributes, and gives me stuff to write about. I really appreciate it.
And apologies for the chest thump ...


Zac Zavos said...

Worth the chest-thump Ben. I make an effort to drop the odd comment here and there as I reckon it's the best Oz focused media trends publication out there. Well done.

jyesmith said...

Congratulations mate. Chest thumps all the way.

Btw, what service/program are you using to track your blog stats?

denise said...

Well done Ben - I really appreciate the effort you put into this - and it seems I am not the only one (great stats!)

A must read for me each day - keep up the great work.