Tuesday, May 20, 2008

April Neilsen data is out

Netview has released its April data ... And it's interesting!

- Facebook have overtaken myspace (see - http://mimelbourne.blogspot.com/2008/05/facebook-passes-myspace-in-au-for-first.html)

- Yahoo!7 shed over 450k users in one month (almost 10% of their audience)

- ninemsn have shed over 330k users in April (compared to May)

- Twitter has 49,000 users (April is the first time I have seen Twitter on Netview)

- Google search is down 197k users

- Yahoo! search is down 114k users

- ninemsn search is down 329k users

- Ten.com.au is down 44k users in April. However, this figure for some reason does not factor in the bigbrother.com.au traffic - which is at 267,000 users for April (up 101k year on year)

The AU Internet universe sits at 11,229,000 ... which is down marginally from the 11,443,000 in May.

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Mike Robertson said...

I think mate it's because Big Brother is a JV with endmol southern star. We had this previously with Dance coming up under Fremantle Media.

We are working with the associated folks to get it all under the Ten brand.