Monday, May 19, 2008

IAB Australia announce CEO

News Digital Media Sales Director, Paul Fisher, has been announced as the first CEO of the Australian branch of the Internet Advertising Bureau.

He starts 1 July.

I have to say, he has a tough task ahead of him. After the balls up that was the IAB Awards ceremony and process as well as the IAB being virtually invisible to the industry since inception it's going to be difficult to establish confidence in the body.

That said, the only way is up for IAB which is virtually at rock bottom as a lobby group.

I worked under Paul at News Digital Media and he is a pretty determined operator, so I am sure he will give this a nudge.

His initial two priorities are resolving the measurement debate and also establishing closer ties with other media lobby groups (FreeTV, Commercial Radio). It's great to see someone from within the IAB come out and address these.

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