Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fairfax Digital: The Vine traffic at 400% of expected after 1 month ...

So according to Fairfax Digital's Pippa Leary, is swimming along with 155,000 users in month 1 - way over the 40,000 they forecast.

Problem is - there's no audited data on this.

A search for The Vine on Neilsen Netview generates zero result - meaning the amount of users on the Netview panel accessing the site was too low for it to be an adequate sample size.

And on Market Intelligence - which Fairfax uses for The Age, RSVP SMH, Lifestyle, ASX and it's Business properties, is nowhere to be seen ... I have checked under Lifestyle and Entertainment and it is not one of the sites Neilsen is tracking

Begs the question - why isn't FD monitoring this through Neilsen given it's the only standard for agencies and clients in Australia? It's hard to swallow publisher supplied glee when they haven't used Neilsen to monitor traffic ... it's especially hard given the FD salesforce go to market daily trumpeting their primo sites traffic and sourcing Neilsen when doing so.

AdNews piece is here --

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Eva Barnes said...

I can see in Hitwise that they've done around those figures, but it's dropped then levelled in the last couple of weeks.

Apparently they're spending $1.5m launching this, which I don't completely believe, but there's certainly been a big push.

I like the site - at least the great content, but jeez it's a helluva crowded niche. I can't see how they can get a good return on that size market. It's high value consumers but expensive to upkeep.

Love your commentary by the way - keep it up.