Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Trading Post states long term goal: "Become Australia’s favourite place to buy and sell"

So said Sensis CEO Bruce Akhurst today.

"Sensis CEO Bruce Akhurst today (26 May) said his aim was to make Trading Post the number one online auction site in Australia.

"On top of the two million people that already use tradingpost.com.au each month, there are an additional 3.4 million Australians using online auctions that are not currently using Trading Post," Akhurst said. "And while auctions have only just started on tradingpost.com.au, our aim is to build up the number of items available and become Australia’s favourite place to buy and sell."

I think it's a tough task.

According to Netview

Ebay users - 5.212m

Trading Post users (taking a de-dup'd figure of Trading Post and Trading Post - Auto) - 827k

Sensis is saying they have 2m unique users on Trading Post - however no Neilsen data backs this up.
Regardless, that's a fair gap. I understand a mission is meant to be an ambitious, almost impossible goal ... but pegging back 4m plus users from a service that is one of the most loved ... tough!

Screenshot above of the Netview de-duplicated figure.

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