Friday, September 19, 2008

Will ninemsn appoint a new CEO?

News has broken today that ACP Magazines CEO Scott Lorsen has effectively been made redundant, as PBL Media have decided to phase out the role of a CEO within the magazine publishing group.

From a statement by Ian Law ... "The decision to phase out the role of CEO of ACP Magazines is part of an ongoing process to streamline the management reporting structure within the PBL Media group, ensuring the business has a structure that is focused on publishing and broadcasting the best content."

An 'ongoing process' ... does this mean it may include ninemsn? Could the current ninemsn executive team take on broader roles?

Tony Faure left at the end of August and announced he was leaving almost 3 months prior to that. Still, there's no replacement and no market murmurings about a possible new CEO.

Maybe the questions needs to move from 'Who will be the new CEO of ninemsn?' to 'Will there be a new CEO of ninemsn?'

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Ben Shepherd said...

addition to this - sources say ninemsn will announce new CEO within next 7 days