Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Plugger rebrands as wotnews?

Weird ... has changed its name to

"The name Wotnews acknowledges our relationship with While we remain an independent business and a separately operated website, we're associated with them in that we now share the Wot brand via a licensing agreement"

Um ... okay. Question. What does have to do with a news aggregator/search utility? Why would you licence the name?

I guess a name change doesn't take away from the strength of the product - it's a bloody good resource that will only evolve and improve over time.


mariel said...

I was asking myself the same questions... you know what they say about great minds....

I forgive them. I found your blog via plugger.
Keep up the good work matey.

LukeM said...

It's the first I read each morning when I get to work. Or if I'm still driving to work in the traffic on the PDA.

It's an awesome aggregation tool.