Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Media in 2015

I'm working on a pitch at the moment and one of the areas we have to address in our response is ...

'How different the response might be in 2015 with all the changes predicted in the media marketplace'

It's an interesting question. In the scope of this pitch brief I think I have the answer. But geeez it'd be interesting to be a fly on the wall when the responses are presented by each agency to see where they believe things will go.

Personally it's been great for me as working on it has given me incredible clarity and I think allowed me to improve the way I look forward.


Aaron said...

Too broad a question, considering it's six years away. Innovation can't be predicted that far ahead, and we'll obviously have new things to adopt to, so the answer by then is probably redundant.

denise said...

Hey Ben

How interesting!

I would like to have a go with some really broad brushstroke predictions:-

-Clear delineation between the performance vs brand segments of the market

-Consumers having total control on both the content and advertisements they view

-Consumers given option to pay to view content or view advertisement to see for free

-General brands developing their own multi platform assets aimed directly at their customers

-Publishers further developing other revenue streams than advertising

-Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

-I like these QR codes - as a consumer I can see the benefit of transferring relevant info directly from any medium to my mobile

This article, which ran yesterday, in DailyMediaNews titled - 'Execs Forecast Media Future' may also be of interest - http://www.mediapost.com/publications/?fa=Articles.showArticleHomePage&art_aid=91188