Thursday, March 6, 2008

IAB Australia board gets a boost

According to B&T, the IAB has added some new board members. And they don't come much bigger in the local market.

Tony Faure - CEO, Ninemsn
Rohan Lund - CEO, Yahoo!7
Nick Leeder - COO, News Digital Media
Bill Burton - Bigpond
Nick Cola - Fairfax Digital

Nothing on it on the IAB website funnily enough -

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andrew pascoe said...

I think the IAB have forgotten they HAVE a website. They never ever post to it in a timely manner... ever.

I can't remember where i read it now - The Oz I think, but not 100% - that the Patty Keegan's role as head honcho is effectively only for two days per week (given the $$ allocated I'm assuming that means). Surely though there's someone available in one of the member orgs who can post news? And even perhaps implement a ||gasp|| RSS feed?