Friday, March 7, 2008 and Stephen Colbert

Did anyone else see Colbert Report last night (Thursday 6/3) on Comedy Channel (Australia). They ran a pretty funny story on legit website

View the clip here (courtesy Valleywag) -

The site is pretty funny - it brings 'women' (ie those who want implants but don't want to pay together with 'benefactors' (weird dudes who will pay them money to do things like chat, post pics, see custom photos) in order to satisfy both of their wants.

The ultimate aim is the women get new boobs and the men get something in return for their pledge. According to Colbert the site has helped 95 girls score new boobs.

If you're keen, here's some feelgood sentiment from the site owner.

"And remember... the best part is seeing the newly transformed ladies after the surgery when they return to the website to post pictures of the results. You can take pride in knowing that you helped her improve her self esteem and self image!"


Sieanne said...

My name is Sieanne, and I am a model on I have been on the site for over two years, and two months now. I can tell you the site REALLY does work! The Benefactors who go to the site are Men and Women who have kind hearts, and really care about others.

The do not go there for Porn an any way..."If I wanted to see porn, I would go to a Porn site" I have heard that a million times from my friends on mfi.

The owners Jason and Jay are wonderful men...who saw a need, and came up with the means to full fill the need for a Friend Natasha..and then keep the site going to help others. It is a very Respectful site, and all who go there know that it is a Friends, and worthy cause site only.

All of us ladies go to to help us with our self esteem..and in most cases for (myself included) MEDICAL REASONS! WE all have done a lot of home work on this subject, and are fully committed to getting our larger bust size...we are not doing this for anyone else but ourselves.
We just have no means of full filling our pipe dream...there for this site is a GOD SENT to all who are on it.

The site is not a Porn site..even though some of the smaller minded individuals including some media want to imply that... Yes granted we are in some cases sending pictures to our Benefactors as thank you's..and chating with them on live chat. BUT we are not doing anything pornographic!

If a model choses to send Nude pictures of her self to a friend..then its her choice. The site did not start on NUDE pictures, and that is not the purpose of I for one do give Classy nude pictures, and I dont feel ashamed by doing so...Just look at your National Geographic, or next time you visit you favorite museum, or go to the grocery will SEE NUDITY all around you. If that is porn then even you are taking part...because you admire a Super model in a magazine, or you admire a sculpture, painting, or drawing...are you doing anything wrong by admiring it? Your paying to by the magazine, or to get admittion to the museum.... is Legit..and does WORK! No one on there has to do anything NUDE! You are told as a model to post Clothed pictures of yourself..and send thank you pictures (Clothed) to your friends, when they send you donations, or messages. You just spend most of your time chatting with them about their day..and being a friend to talk to...someone who is non judgemental..and there to pray for them!

I have made some of the BEST friendships with my friends on that I have had for over two years now..and I am so thankful that God has brought those people in my life.

So please before you are quick to judge...go do your homework..and the only way to do that is JOIN the site..and be there for a few months. Then you can reach your fair opinion.


Sieanne said...

My name is Sieanne..and I am a model on I have been on that site for over two years, and two months. It is a FANTASTIC site..and one I am very happy to be apart of...Jason and Jay are wonderful men..who have seen a need, and offered a means to get the larger breasts. All the women who go there, have done their homework, are committed to getting the larger breasts, not for anyone else but them selves...but dont have the means to earn the money themselves. The benefactors who go to the site are MEN and WOMEN who have opened their hearts, and wallets to help a stranger in need. Yes granted there are lots of other more worthy causes such as helping to fight cancer, aids, etc...but this is a NEW and VERY WORTHY CAUSE! Most the women who go to are there for medical reasons, or for self esteem issues, and to help get their careers going in modeling, tv, or movies..and no this is not a porn site! It is a WONDERFUL site..One I am very proud to be apart of..and I commend the Owners Jason and well as all the Benefactors who are so generous to strangers they will never meet...that takes a real faith in others, and a kind heart to donate your hard earned money to another soul.

Please go see for yourself...go get a membership..and stick around for six months..and really take part! Only then can you really give a solid opinion on the site.


Ben Shepherd said...

hi sieanne,

i didn't actually 'judge' the site - i just posted the blog about it. Whilst I find the concept a little odd, each to their own!

Good luck, Ben

hayley said...

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