Saturday, March 15, 2008

BBC on the prowl for AU ad dollars

Caught this ad (see picture left) on The Australian's media section for BBC - they're now actively targeting the ad market to monetise their leading properties.

Activity directs through to

Side note: Why do News take competitors ads ... you would assume The Oz and BBC are competing for the same AB type audience ... why give your competitor a legup for a few short term dollars? Last year they were taking ads for ad network 3Di.

BBC calls their audience the 'Internationalist' ... (I assume they mean Powderfinger fans?) ... and then split them into 4 key areas

- Affluent Consumers
- Early Adoptors
- Decision Makers
- Avid Travlellers

The thing is - EVERYONE claims to have these audiences ... still, the numbers behind BBC in Asia Pac are strong (over 7m per month) and the quality of the content is second to none.

In Australia the BBC reaches 828,000 people a month across their network - significant figures and definitely something that agencies and marketers are going to look to embrace.

Why? Because BBC is the news property others follow ... it's an innovator not a follower, and that will give it a point of difference against a lot of the local competitors.

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