Monday, March 17, 2008

What is up with Yahoo!7 search?

Checking the latest Neilsen Netview numbers Yahoo!7 search is down 27% year on year ... surely an issue given it was given a strong push in January during the Oz Open and has been promoted heavily during key Network 7 programs in February.

February 08: 1,231,000
February 07: 1,680,000

Source: Neilsen Netview, February 2008

Their ATL activity to push their Mail property has seen a modest 1,000 new users year on year (February 07 to February 08) currently sitting at 1,438,000 users. Over the same time the 'Email' category has added 301,000 users.

February 08: 1,438,000
February 07: 1,437,000

The question must be raised on why this activity isn't generating results. Both the Y!7 search and Mail products are strong and robust services - so why aren't they being taken up. Mail wise there was a push to offer users a new domain (and the opportunity to get a new address) ... but the numbers don't seem to indicate this is adding additional users.

In other Neilsen news ... both myspace and Facebook saw month on month declines for February 08 - however when you factor in that February had 2 less days than a 'normal' month the drops are really cancelled out.

Social Networks February 08
Myspace: 2,662.000
Facebook: 2,377,000
Bebo: 629,000

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