Thursday, March 6, 2008

US: Mobile Ad Visibility on the increase

The NY Times reports "the number of phone users who recalled seeing mobile ads rose by 38 percent to 58 million in the fourth quarter compared with 42 million in the second quarter, Nielsen's fourth-quarter survey of 22,000 active mobile data users."

So we have non brand specific recall improving, as well as reach. All positives for the mobile space.

The article touches on ad content potentially subsidising usage for subscribers, with Virgin Mobile US even implementing this practice now.

"About 13 percent of respondents said they were open to ads if they improves the mobile content available, while about 14 percent said they were open to ads as long as they were relevant to their interests, the (Neilsen) survey found."

Is the answer locally making mobile Internet access free (or a nominal monthly charge - say $5 - and funding the data through targeted display ads?

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