Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Interesting ...

Which forum section of a larger 'youth targeted' portal is struggling to generate the community it has sold itself on.

Since launching its forum - over a month ago - it has the following stats.

38 registered users
13 topics
30 posts

These guys were out for "user generated content and consumer engagement" and this was the spin to advertisers. Are they succeeding? The above figures suggest not. Lets also not forget these forums have 12 - yes 12 - admins!

I'm not so sure this was a good bet for the parent - when you think their users in June are only spending 2m, 13s on the site and most only visiting just over once (1.13 to be precise) a month. When you work out their total pageviews right now with an 100% sell through at $30cpm the monthly revenue would struggle to hit $18k


Robert Barnes said...

Too easy:

Do I get a prize?

You can't create real communities overnight. They happen organically over months and years and this market is well catered for already. Disclaimer: I work for a publisher that does have communities in the same space...

I think Fairfax/Lifelounge are banking on less sophisticated buyers who dig the design and that it covers lots of cool things they like themselves.

It's not a community though - they are broadcasting not conversing.

the threebillion project said...

Please tell me it's The Vine

tom said...

Oh god

I thought it would be bad, but I wouldn't have thought it to be that bad

Zac Zavos said...

What are the 12 admins doing? All communities need a little bit of early-stage seeding to kick-start the network effect.

To be fair, forums are strange beasts. You need some luck as well as strong execution for the right people to swarm in.

Dave King said...

yeah agree with Zac. Communities need curation. But i can't imagine that Lifelounge wouldn't know that, and have bundled it in - still maybe it's a set and forget deal.