Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ABC in the US offering digital makegood

Mediapost is reporting that the US ABC network has "starting to experiment in giving makegood inventory in digital streaming episodes in lieu of traditional TV commercial time. "

I have been discussing this for the past few months - of when cross media plays would start offering makegood/optimisation across their channels ... as opposed to keeping the practice confined to online/offline silos.

It works well. It allows ABC to have TV brand advertisers trial the medium utilising inventory that would have gone unsold and evaluate the benefits (ie interactivity, less clutter) whilst helping ABC keep their TV inventory (scarce) open.

Some media execs didn't seem to be impressed. ""What have we come to?" asks one disgruntled executive. "How can this beat full-screen television? We don't even know if they can measure the Internet properly, let alone giving us a demographic breakdown."

The above shows the industry has a bit of work to do to start migrating TV dollars online - whilst the above comment is wrong, it does show some habits will die hard.

The other question is ... what is ABC trying to really achieve here ... solve a short term problem (ie makegoods due to the Writers Strike) or a longer term one (displaying the benefits of digital video)


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