Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ansearch - there is a video inventory shortage in AU

From todays AdNews - announcing Ansearch's deal with Blinkx

"Ansearch Media has secured the exclusive Australian ad sales rights to video search engine blinkx. blinkx allows advertisers to target key word search results with pre-roll video and display advertisements as well as customised advertising and sponsorship based around video search.

"David Burden, Ansearch CEO, said clients "constantly lament the shortage of inventory for video advertising, and there's a good reason such opportunities are in hot demand". "Video delivers the audience at the point of peak engagement and makes for highly effective, measurable campaigns," Burden said. "

A shortage of video inventory in AU is news to me and I'd imagine most people. If video advertising in AU is at a level higher than 30% sell through I'd be surprised. Good spin though.

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